What Is “HGW” meaning on TikTok? Hot Girl Walk Trend Explained

When you start using TikTok frequently, you will come across many trends. Besides the usual trends, exercise trends are also becoming famous on TikTok. Hence, if you’re looking forward to staying fit, you can follow the HGW trend, which stands for ‘Hot Girl Walk.’ So, in this article, we will cover more about HGW, its origin, and how one can use HGW.

What Does “HGW” mean on TikTok?

HGW Meaning on TikTok
What does “HGW” Mean on TikTok?

With the popularity of social media, TikTok has come up with many trends and new words. While the modern generation still uses the platform, they refer to HGW as ‘Hot Girl Walk.’ This term is associated with walking, which has many health benefits.

According to an influencer, Mia Lind, a person must set aside some time for walking briskly across 2 to 4 miles daily. While they start walking, they should listen to soothing music or podcasts. On the other hand, individuals should think about their goals, the things they are thankful for, and their pleasing personalities.

Mia later said people should never think about a relationship drama while walking. But, if such thoughts arise in their minds, they should increase the volume of the music. Eventually, when individuals finish walking a certain distance, they feel energetic and can move ahead with the entire day with a fresh mind. 

HGW Full Form: What is it?

Whenever individuals use HGW on TikTok, it means ‘Hot Girl Walk.’ HGW is also a slang term on TikTok, and people use it for a daily stroll. This trend encourages people to step out of their houses and exercise. Moreover, people might dress up a bit differently to garner the attention of others as they walk down the street with a certain gait. However, if you refer to an online dictionary of acronyms, HGW can mean different things.

In the field of medicine, HGW stands for Horny Goat Weed which is an herbal mixture. In addition to enhancing blood circulation, this herbal mixture can solve weak bones and sexual problems. But, the meaning of the abbreviation is quite different in German. HGW is a short form for ‘Herzlichen Glückwunsch,’ which means best wishes or congratulations.

Apart from everything else, you will also observe people using the abbreviation for some personalities. These include a British composer, Harry Gregson-Williams, and Herbert George Wells, who earned recognition as a British author.

Where did HGW come from?

With the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, a TikTok influencer named Mia Lind created the HGW trend. According to Mia Lind, the term HGW came into her mind when she sought a way to do exercises that she wouldn’t mind.

Later, Mia thought about walking down the street regularly because it has a meditative element. But, when she kept looking around, she noticed some stigma associated with walking. Hence, to drive away the stigma, she thought of coming up with a new trend named ‘Hot Girl Walk.’

In Which Condition do people say “HGW” on social media?

If you go through some social media posts on Facebook, you will come across the hashtag #HGW. As the social media user tries to promote the brand, the person welcomes the visitor to purchase some products and starts promoting them even on mobile phones.

But, on TikTok, the abbreviation is used when someone posts a video to inspire others to stay healthy and fit. On the contrary, you will also come across a page on Instagram with the name ‘#hgw”. Once you skim through the Instagram posts, you will immediately know that a brand is promoting healthcare products. 

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The Origin of HGW

The origin of HGW can be traced back to when Mia Lind, an influencer, created a new trend during the COVID-19 lockdown. While attending an interview with a HuffPost team member, she said she started feeling better when she began walking briskly.

However, many people around her were uncomfortable stepping out for a brisk walk because they perceived it as an illegitimate exercise. Hence, to drive away this negative thought, Mia Lind created the trend named ‘Hot Girl Walk.’

What other slang has TikTok generated?

When contemporary youngsters started using TikTok, they came up with many slang terms on the platform. So, let’s quickly go through the different terms people have often used on TikTok.

  • Fr – This abbreviation is the short form of ‘For Real. People use this slang term when unsure whether a particular statement is true.
  • SMH – This term stands for ‘Shake My Head.’ Many TikTok users have started using SMH when they agree to something.
  • TBH – This abbreviation is used to say ‘to be honest. People use the phrase when giving their opinion and not trying to offend anybody else.
  • TFW – TFW is a short form of “that feeling when.” As TikTok users began stating this phrase, they tried to show a feeling through the post.
  • Rt – This term means ‘retweet’ and shows that the person agrees with someone else’s opinion.
  • SUS – If the social media user suspects something or doesn’t believe in something, he will use the term SUS. The abbreviation stands for ‘suspicious.’
  • Rn – This term is commonly found on TikTok, and it means ‘Right Now. People tend to use Rn only when something occurs at an instance. 

Example of “HGW” Meaning on TikTok

As soon as you start searching for videos on TikTok with the hashtag #hgw, you will observe many videos on the platform. So, let’s read ahead to know when people have used the hashtag #hgw on the social media platform.

@lindseycraven I can’t get over how much the treadmill desk has helped my workflow. #treadmilldesk #wfhdesksetup #treadmill #underdesktreadmill #hgw #hotgirlwalk #corporatelife #9to5 #standingdeskconverters ♬ original sound – Lindsey

In a video, a lady has just finished walking on a treadmill. The lady has stated the hashtag #hgw, saying that walking has helped her stay energetic and focused on her work.

@mynameismorgan HGW just leveled up 💗 #hgw #hoka ♬ Pizzazz – Akintoye

A TikTok user has used the hashtag ‘hgw’ in a video while presenting a new pair of sports shoes. Such kinds of shoes look visually appealing because of the embroidery along the sides of the shoes.

@ambsdaisy noise cancelling only in daylight ladies 🎧 🤍🕺🏽 #sony #xm5 #headphones #inspo #hgw ♬ original sound – Baz Luhrmann’s Elvis Movie

In this video on TikTok, the person shows a pair of wireless headphones. This pair of headphones has a noise-cancelling feature and can enhance the music-listening experience while walking.


What does HGW mean on TikTok?

HGW means ‘Hot Girl Walk’ on TikTok. Once you start scrolling the home page of the social media platform, you will notice the hashtag #HGW associated with videos related to exercises.

What does HGW mean?

HGW means different things depending on the context. While the abbreviation means ‘Hot Girl Walk’ on TikTok, it also meansHorny Goat Weed in English and ‘Herzlichen Glückwunsch’ in German.

What does HGW mean on Instagram?

On Instagram, then you will notice an Instagram page named ‘#hgw.’ After going through some of the Instagram posts, we conclude that it is perhaps a brand’s social media page that deals in healthcare products.

What is the acronym ‘HGW’ on TikTok?

The acronym HGW is a new trend Mia Lind created during the pandemic. With the trend in mind, people can stay energetic all day long after they take a brisk walk for a long time.

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